Hello all and welcome to my blog, Just Being Julie. I promise to be true to the name. Some things that I write may rattle a few cages but it’s just me being me. As they say, “it is what it is.”
A little about me….I’m a plus size woman in a small-minded world hence the caption “Big Girl in a Small World.” It’s a euphemism. When it comes to plus size women, society is extremely harsh and very judgmental. Plus size women should wear this but not that. We should keep our bodies covered and be ashamed of ourselves. No one could possibly love us because of our size. We should accept any man that would tolerate us. To this I say, “O hell no!” We are human beings just like any other human beings. We shouldn’t have to hide our bodies because we may “offend” someone. What the hell does that even mean? Can people truly be offended just by a person’s appearance? And who the hell are they to judge? I’m sick and tired of plus size women being judged and laughed at. We are intelligent. We are beautiful. We deserve to be loved. And we are sick to death of all the bullshit!!
By creating this blog, I am setting out on a journey to create confidence, self-love, body positivity, and hopefully change a few small minds. This is not only for my fellow beautiful plus size gals but for myself as well. So let the journey begin!!