Learning to be Proud of Me

Happy Monday all!!!! I want to begin my bragging on myself a little bit. Please keep in mind that this is not something that I would normally do. I’ve never been one to brag or try to make myself stand out in any way. Quite the opposite actually, I’ve always tried to live my life in the shadows so maybe no one would notice all of my insecurities and ugliness that my negative mind has filled me with. I’m sure there are some that can relate. But I’m bound and determined to turn over a new leaf and am hell bent on creating a more positive me.

So here goes….I completed my first 5k this past weekend. I participated in the Warrior Dash in Inola, OK. My first 5k people!!! And let me say, it was not easy. The absolute worst part was the negative voice in my head leading up to the event. I have always been my own worst enemy. I was worried that people would make fun of me because of my size. That didn’t happen. I was worried that people would be staring at me. That didn’t happen. No one was focused on my appearance or how well I was doing. Everyone was just doing their best to get thru and have fun. It was absolutely amazing. I started by running as far as a I could then I went to walking. I completed the obstacles that I could and skipped a few that I couldn’t. And yes the little voice in my head was trying to tell me that I was a failure for not completing the obstacles. But then I started to realize, this was my first 5k and I was a plus size woman and I made it to the finish line. Then the positivity started to seep in. I made it thru and that was a big accomplishment for me. My bff, who also competed and totally kicked ass, was waiting at the finish line for me and telling me how proud of me she was. It was the best feeling in the world. I actually went out of my comfort zone and it turned out great.

The moral to my story is this, don’t let the negative voice in your head hold you back. Trust me, I’m still trying to overcome that damn voice. You can do anything you set your mind to. You are worth so much and deserve to be your best self for yourself. Stay positive!!!




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