Day 1

Hello all and welcome to my blog!!! Just fyi, I like to use exclamation marks when I’m excited. The purpose of my writing is to spread body positivity for plus size women. I’m so tired of all the negativity that comes along with being a plus size woman. I’m tired of hearing “well you might want to put on something that covers more” or “that really doesn’t suit your body type.” I’m tired of hearing that our plus size bodies are offensive and ugly. How can you even be offended by a human body? Is that even possible? Apparently so. But it’s complete bullshit!!!
It is my intention to post my thoughts and share some things I find online pertaining to creating a more positive world for plus size women so we won’t continue to go thru life thinking that we are the undeserving trolls that society has made us out to be.
Hold on…it’s going to be a wild ride!!!! Stay positive!!!


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